April’s MCC Update

Last month’s update saw a big improvement in overall matchmaking stability and from the sound of it this month’s update hopes to build upon that. Recently some changes have been made to the Halo CE playlist from 2-3 players to 2 only strictly. 343i continues to monitor the playlist and make appropriate changes.

From a recent Waypoint article, it seems like they are hoping to add a few more playlists into the hopper. Including; Team Doubles, SWAT and Team Snipers. The matchmaking team will be diving into the data to see which one of these playlists will become a permanent edition to the rotation. So folks if you want to see your favorite kept in the rotation, make sure you play as much of it as you can.

In addition to this they are hoping to finally add ranks to some other playlists as well. Something most people have been asking for since launch. An arrival date is still TBD on the update, but when it goes live 343i will post the patch notes.



The Spirit of Fire Podcast Episode 15: Locke and Master Chief Commercials Discussion

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On Sunday, March 29, 2015, two Halo 5 Guardians commercials aired during the season finale of the Walking Dead. The first featured Locke, while the latter featured Master Chief. Both were near exact in shot and sequence, but with very different dialog. These were part of the beginning of the HUNTtheTRUTH campaign, leading up to Halo 5.

In this podcast, my co-host Zach and I discuss those two commercials at length comparing scenes. In fact, if you want to follow along with what were talking about in a visual manner, open up this link in another window.

Beyond this, we talk more about the HUNTtheTRUTH campaign. Specifically Episode 1: A Hairline Fracture of the Benjamin Giraud reports.

After this we discuss the newly amounted Halo Online game.

So please listen in on our discussion and let us know what you think about the topics we discussed as well as our speculation on it. Oh, I should note, my microphone wasn’t picking up my voice as well the whole time. So the volume of my voice seems to drop a little, then raise back up. Apologies on that. I’ll be looking into that issue to fix this for the next podcast.

This episode of the Spirit of Fire runs about one hour and 20 minutes.



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Master Chief was born in the metropolis of Elysium City. Then known as John, he grew up like any kid in the Outer Colonies. Childhood playmates and school teachers share charming stories. But what happens when a single document throws everything into question?

Interesting tidbit here, the laying in the grass portion reminded me of the beginning of the initial launch trailer.

This series shows a lot of promise and is intriguing me. It definitely hooks you in on this episode and makes you want more. I like how this feels like an episode of Serial. If you aren’t familiar with Serial it’s a podcast telling a story that has different angles to it.

Definitely looking forward to more.

Source: HaloFanForLife

Two Sides of the Coin

Last night during The Walking Dead Finale (which I terribly need to catch up on), two trailers premiered for Halo 5 Guardians. One from Spartan Locke’s view and the other from our beloved Spartan 117’s point of view.

Just like the trailer suggests, there’s always two sides to every story. I’m very intrigued by this angle and curious to see where the story takes us for Halo 5. Also we finally get a release date 10.27.15

YouTube: Locke , 117

Kev Z: Passion. Halo 2/3 Montage

I honestly can’t believe I almost missed posting this. Kev Z, one of my favorite Twitch Streamers/Content Creators posted a new montage. What’s great about this montage is that it’s 100% done by Kev Z, something rare and awesome in the Montage community. It’s very well done and the production value and editing is top notch. Best part is there are some live stream clips in there where you can see Kev’s reaction. 10/10


Kev Z: Twitter, YouTube, Twitch

StrongSide: The Halo Legacy

Anyone who’s played Halo back in the day or has ever watched a MLG event in the past knows the legend known as StrongSide, below is a trailer for a forthcoming montage produced by CJNEW001 and Muggsy, directed by FaithSide and Stobs. Please make sure to click the video or the link below to give it a like and subscribe to StrongSide.


Halo eSports Wiki

Starting today every Friday I’ll bring to you the latest news from Competitive Halo. If you’re a fan of the competitive side of things you’ll want to stay tuned for all the things I’ve gathered in the world of Halo eSports.

First up is your go to for any updates in the Halo eSports arena. The wiki contains both NA and EU teams and any changes made. Make sure to bookmark the page for any updates as they occur. You most likely wont see many updates after HCS Season 2 starts as team changes are limited, but it’s a good go to for information.

eSportspedia Halo Wiki

Halo Online: Launch Trailer Screenshots

BBKDragoon an awesome YouTuber, and all around good dude, took these screenshots from the trailer. As you can see a ton of information to take in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tons of cool stuff to look at and dig deeper in. Again, this would be really interesting to play and experience. A PC Halo could open the way to mods and a customizable experience for each different audience. Many props to BBKDragoon for capturing these!

Source: Imgur Gallery

BBKDragoon: YouTube, Twitter