MCC Footage Leaked!!

It’s likely that this video will be taken down soon so please watch what you can…



Important notes in case it gets taken down.

  • Nightfall first episode releases at launch of the game. Code included in the box
  • December 27th Beta Releases for three weeks. Will feature new content and updates each week based on community feedback
  • MCC has all skulls unlocked, and there are 30 in total just for Halo 2 Anniversary
  • New achievements for the MCC, more details at a later date.
  • Pre-order bonuses will be dependent upon the retailer.

Halo 3 Arena Returns to Gamebattles!



With the announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, MLG’s online Gamebattles section has brought back one of the most popular online ladders; Halo 3. Gamebattles is the online competitive ladder and tournaments for MLG. You can earn what are called “Pro Points”, which are a measure of how well you do in online and live tournaments. The better you preform the more pro points you have. Which is a direct measurement of how you are ranked on the overall leaderboards.

The online ladders are completely free to sign up and there is no tryouts or requirements to create a team. You can compete in singles matches (1v1, FFA) doubles (2v2) and Team (4v4).  The team system on Gamebattles is far superior to any online ladders that I have come across. Additionally if you want to compete in Tournaments for cash and trophies you can do so with a Gamebattles premium account.

I encourage anyone who has even been interested in competitive gaming to create an account and join a ladder. The way matches work is you schedule through the site, and then record the games online afterwards. It’s always good to take a screencap of the score after each game in case your opponents disputes. Which if you or a team continually disputes or reports incorrect scores your reputation will decrease, which could lead to an eventual ban or not getting opponents.

Again, give it a shot, you might just surprise yourself. Also if you feel so inclined to do so the Gamebattles premium account helps to keep the site running and the basic tournaments free.



Halo 5’s New Character Revealed as Agent Locke



During this weeks E3 conference it was revealed by 343i’s Bonnie Ross to Polygon, that Agent Lock is the mystery spartan as seen in the original reveal image above.







It was also revealed, as most of us speculated, that his story will be told in the Ridley Scott feature, Nightfall. Below is what Bonnie Ross had to say about Nightfall.

“We’re using Halo Nightfall to basically tell his backstory and tell his origin story,” Ross said during a Halo-themed meeting at E3 2014. “You don’t have to watch this, but knowing this will kind of tee you up for all the new things that are going on in Halo 5: Guardians.”

Nightfall is currently in production and shooting has just finished in Ireland and is now moving onto Iceland. More will most definitely be revealed at San Diego Comic Con and will also detail how the digital feature and Halo 5 will interact.


Source: Polygon

Thank you 343i.

What a week thus far. On Monday we Halo fans got way more than we had ever hoped. In this particular post you wont find any news, however a more personal story


I just want to say…


THANK YOU 343i!!!


You guys labored for hours and hours and displayed your finished work with Halo 4, and the community trashed on it. I was most certainly one of them, and on behalf of the community I apologize. As you are well aware, when you love something; such as Halo, you’re very passionate about it and what happens to it. After Monday I must say that this new labor of love you have presented to us is beyond anything I could have imagined.

This is not simply an HD remake or reboot. This is a celebration of a time where Halo ruled the online gaming kingdom. This is a time where many people, including myself, stayed up way too late to get in those last few games of Team Slayer to try to rank up. This is a time where nostalgia kicks in and I am able to (horrifically) attempt to BXR someone close quarters on Midship.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the MCC this year and relive so many classic memories. In 2008 I joined Buddy System Gaming after seeing them featured on Bnet. It was a fun place to meet new people and play with good gamers who wanted to win and played fairly and respectfully. During this time I met one of my best friends and we still game regularly today. You most likely know him as HaloFanForLife.  If it would not have been for this amazing series of games I would not have made it through college, and I wouldn’t have met some of the great people I know along the way.

I just want to say again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your work on this game and your decision to make this a reality. The impact of this is not yet known but can be wildly speculated. By this one short video and gameplay you have started the “hype train” in motion. By the short presentation at E3 you have restored the faith in many peoples eyes. You are the caretakers of Halo for the future and this token of appreciations for the fans means more than you can possibly imagine to us. If not everyone then for sure me.

Again thank you.

Pre-Order The Master Chief Collection, While Donating to Charity!

Some of you may or may not know about this awesome initiative by, but I think it’s amazing. Amazon has a separate sub domain created listed as


1383088192000-AmazonSmileWhat Amazon will do for you is by logging into your Amazon account and shopping through, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to a charity of your choosing! What better way to give to a charity of your choosing than by doing your regular shopping on Amazon. There are thousands of items that are eligible for a smile donation and you aren’t charged for it in the price of the item. Also if you are a prime customer, you still receive all the prime benefits with your purchases.




This is the smile donation link to pre-order The Master Chief Collection. I posted the link in it’s entirety to show that it’s not an affiliate link, and I DO NOT GAIN ANYTHING from you pre-ordering from this link. The only people that gain are yourself and the charity you choose to support!


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Further Info on Arena Multiplayer for Halo 5: Guardians

Bradford Welch of 343i today confirmed on his twitter feed that AA’s and classic matchmaking will return for Halo 5: Guardians



On the topic of JiP (join in progress) being only in 4 Bravo has the following to say



This makes me believe that Halo 4 will be the only game to feature the JiP feature, however it hasn’t been discussed apart from keeping CE, 2, and 3 the way they were released. Does this mean that we could see a removal of JiP of Halo 4? More to come soon!



No AA’s in Halo 5 Confirmed

The question was posed on Neogaf after the Halo 5 Mulitplayer trailer about the mention of “Spartan Abilities”. The question reads as follows.


I personally don’t want any type of “spartan abilities” to me it’s not why I played Halo. I never wanted custom load outs and different “perks” and abilities. That’s what CoD was popular for. I like that Halo the only difference from player to player is skill, not finding a perk to try and exploit.”


According to Neogaf user Stinkles aka Frank O’Connor in response to the post he said the following.


2014-06-10 09_23_03-Viewing Single Post - NeoGAF


Judging by his response that means that we won’t see AA’s in the traditional sense as perks and what not. It might mean different abilities that could possibly change the outcome of the game. I would personally like to see these be one time use things and on a time. Not on a recharge like AA’s have been in the past.



Halo: The Master Chief Collection. What We Know So Far…

It is a fantastic day to be a Halo fan! Today at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries announced that coming November 11th Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be the entire Master Chief saga coming to the Xbox One. In addition to this they announced that Halo 2 will have a HD re-skin of the original engine and multiplayer experience. But this was not it…




In addition to Halo 2 Multiplayer you will also be able to play Halo CE – Halo 4 in their original engines as they were released. So not only do we Halo fans get Halo 2 multiplayer, but we also get all four multiplayer experiences housed in one game. Accompanying the Multiplayer will be every campaign mission from every game as well as campaign episodes. These campaign episodes are designed to tell a story that is unlike any that has been told by one game. These custom campaign playlists will allow you to experience the story in a whole new way, and I assume that it will be up to 4 player co-op online campaign.

343 Industries, Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity are all working on this project. Judging by previous projects by Certain Affinity and Saber this game is going to look incredible.  Oh and I almost forgot it will run at 1080p and 60 FPS on the Xbox One console.



The Ridley Scott digital feature will also be included in this bundle and will be featured in the extras portion of the in game menu. The extras portion also houses the multiplayer beta for Halo 5: Guardians, which is coming out this December. A FULL YEAR BEFORE THE GAMES RELEASE!!! This has most likely been done as such to provide a good amount of feedback for the developers to change, while still working off the existing engine. It would be amazing to see a sort of DayZ experience where we as Halo fans get to impact the development process up to the final release of the game. More information on the beta to come as it’s announced. Here’s the full beta trailer for your viewing pleasure below.



It was also confirmed by Quinn DelHoyo on Twitter that Spartan Abilities do not mean Armor Abilities, which is something that all of us can breath a collective sigh of relief.


Halo 2 remastered Multiplayer was also showcased as Legendary Pros; Bravo, Neighbor and GH057ayame played on a remastered Halo 2 Ascension.



I must say that after all these years that Ghost still has those sick Halo 2 skills! Very cool to see an exclusive multiplayer experience that brings you back in time to when Halo was king. What is also interesting to note is that all of the Halo 2 superjumps and button glitches will be included into the mulitplayer experience. However, the standbying exploit has been removed from the engine and will not be possible with the MCC.


In addition to everything that’s been released it was also stated that on the day it ships, Halo: MCC will have everything unlocked and you can play as you want to and enjoy the experience. They have also made mention of working on a ranking system. Here is the quote.


We are in the process of constructing a leveling system,” “You’ll be able to go down and work your way back up.”


To me this just shouts as the classic matchmaking experience with Ranked and Social experiences all in one game. It’s great to also know that they have listened to the communities wishes and wants and have given them something to satiate the Halo itch until the eventual release of Halo 5. Halo 3 and Halo 4 will not be getting any sort of changes in terms of graphics, however I would imagine that the Halo 3 engine will get a re-haul to perform better on the Xbox One as the legacy tech is not able to be updated by 343i.


Per the Halo Bulletin on 10.9.13 the limitations of the legacy technology prohibited them from consolidating or updating any current playlists in regards to the release of Halo 3 on games with gold.

Due to the limitations associated with legacy tech, we will not be consolidating or changing the playlist layout for Halo 3, but are working closely with Xbox LIVE to ensure that players have a great experience with the Games with Gold program. “

I would naturally assume that with Halo 3 matchmaking being included in the MCC that your ranks would be reset and the engine would be updated with current netcode and qos settings. However only time will tell until we find more information about this aspect.


It has been confirmed that Halo: MCC will ship with 100 multiplayer maps. Yes you read that correctly 100! Additionally the price is being set at $59.99 USD and has been confirmed by Xbox.


Folks, again it is a fantastic day to be a Halo fan and I cannot wait to share more with you during the coming months. For more information make sure to follow the site as well as my twitch and on twitter for the latest content.


Source: IGN