The Sprint: The Road to E3 Episodes 1-4

Halo just released the sprint series update for the Road to E3, the playable demo and Warzone showcase that we saw this past week. These videos are well worth the watch!

Truly makes myself appreciate the work that 343i has put into this game so far. I’m very pumped for October to see the finished product.

HCS Season 2 Updated Standings

2015-06-05 12_47_50-eSportspedia's Halo Wiki

1st and 2nd have pretty clear leads, however 3 and 4 is a tight race. Personally I hope OpTic makes a great run this season.

HCS Online Cup #4 Results


Below are the results from this weekends HCS Online Cup. Apparently there were DDOS issues in the finals, but Denial could not play any further games. If I can get some more information on this, I’ll update this article.

1st) Evil Geniuses – $1,500 (150 HCS Points):

  • Snipedown
  • Roy
  • Lunchbox
  • LethuL

2nd) Denial eSports – $1,000 (100 HCS Points):

  • Heinz
  • Chig
  • Mikwen
  • aPG

3rd) Cloud9 – $600 (75 HCS Points):

  • Hysteria
  • FearItSelf
  • Victory X
  • iGotUrPistola

4th) Winterfox – $300 (50 HCS Points):

  • Ryanoob
  • Naded
  • Randa
  • Arkanum

5th/6th) eXcellence (35 HCS Points):

  • Coby
  • eL ToWn
  • Frosty

5th/6th) Team Liquid (35 HCS Points):

  • Ninja
  • Spartan
  • Shooter
  • Aries

7th/8th) Element 6 Gaming (25 HCS Points):

  • DDouble A
  • Impulsion
  • KiLLtastics
  • Psylince

7th/8th) Counter Logic Gaming (25 HCS Points):

  • Royal2
  • Snakebite
  • OGRE 2
  • Cloud

Interestingly enough OpTic did not compete in this online cup. I believe they are scrimming for PGL Indy. More updates to come.