HCS Online Cup 3 Results

Below are the results from this past weekends HCS Online Cup #3. No surprise here as EG takes the tournament with Denial chomping at their heels.

1st) Evil Geniuses – $1,500 (150 HCS Points):

  • Snipedown
  • Roy
  • Lunchbox
  • LethuL

2nd) Denial eSports – $1,000 (100 HCS Points):

  • Heinz
  • Chig
  • Mikwen
  • Elumnite

3rd) Winterfox – $600 (75 HCS Points):

  • Ryanoob
  • Naded
  • Randa
  • Arkanum

4th) OpTic Halo – $300 (50 HCS Points):

  • Flamesword
  • Ace
  • Assault
  • MaNiaC

5th/6th) Team Liquid (35 HCS Points):

  • Ninja
  • Spartan
  • Aries
  • Shooter

5th/6th) Cloud9 (35 HCS Points):

  • Hysteria
  • Victory X
  • iGotUrPistola
  • FearItSelf

7th/8th) Counter Logic Gaming (25 HCS Points):

  • Royal2
  • Snakebite
  • Cloud
  • Clutch

7th/8th) eXcellence (25 HCS Points):

  • Coby
  • eL ToWn
  • Frosty

Probably the most notable from this is LiquidHalo coming in 5th. Very promising for a fairly new formed team to finish that high. The next cup will take place this Saturday, the 30th. To sign up go to play.elsgaming.com


Xbox One White Special Edition Halo Bundle Coming to US

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