Halo Bulletin: 4.17.13

This weeks bulletin doesn’t contain nearly as much as the last one, however there is still some awesome information contained.

To sum of the current state of weapon tuning, here is the fine folks at GoBeyondEntertainment with a video on the proposed changes to weapon balancing.

As far as playlist updates go, Regicide is getting an update with DLC maps added into them. Additionally the settings for Grifball will be updated to the current community settings.  Some multi-team gametypes will be upped to 500 score instead of 300.

Last but not least is that JIP (Join in Progress) is getting tweaked significantly. The window to JIP is going to be reduced to a smaller window, and FFA is going to have an even smaller window. The release for these changes have not been made as of yet. Personally I believe that JIP needs to go or at least be an option to turn on or off.

For the full story and more visit HaloWaypoint


Halo Week | Drop Shock

It seems the good folks at 343i are finally giving the fans and the community some awesome content. CSR and the Castle Map Pack Dropped today. But wait, there’s more.

Here’s a quick video from 343i’s own Bravo!

All this week you’ll have a chance to ear exclusive XBL avatar items should you meet the challenges set before you. Below is a run down of what’s happening this week.
Come back to the Array for more info this week on the awesome content coming through!