No AA’s in Halo 5 Confirmed

The question was posed on Neogaf after the Halo 5 Mulitplayer trailer about the mention of “Spartan Abilities”. The question reads as follows.


I personally don’t want any type of “spartan abilities” to me it’s not why I played Halo. I never wanted custom load outs and different “perks” and abilities. That’s what CoD was popular for. I like that Halo the only difference from player to player is skill, not finding a perk to try and exploit.”


According to Neogaf user Stinkles aka Frank O’Connor in response to the post he said the following.


2014-06-10 09_23_03-Viewing Single Post - NeoGAF


Judging by his response that means that we won’t see AA’s in the traditional sense as perks and what not. It might mean different abilities that could possibly change the outcome of the game. I would personally like to see these be one time use things and on a time. Not on a recharge like AA’s have been in the past.