Halo 3 Arena Returns to Gamebattles!



With the announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, MLG’s online Gamebattles section has brought back one of the most popular online ladders; Halo 3. Gamebattles is the online competitive ladder and tournaments for MLG. You can earn what are called “Pro Points”, which are a measure of how well you do in online and live tournaments. The better you preform the more pro points you have. Which is a direct measurement of how you are ranked on the overall leaderboards.

The online ladders are completely free to sign up and there is no tryouts or requirements to create a team. You can compete in singles matches (1v1, FFA) doubles (2v2) and Team (4v4).  The team system on Gamebattles is far superior to any online ladders that I have come across. Additionally if you want to compete in Tournaments for cash and trophies you can do so with a Gamebattles premium account.

I encourage anyone who has even been interested in competitive gaming to create an account and join a ladder. The way matches work is you schedule through the site, and then record the games online afterwards. It’s always good to take a screencap of the score after each game in case your opponents disputes. Which if you or a team continually disputes or reports incorrect scores your reputation will decrease, which could lead to an eventual ban or not getting opponents.

Again, give it a shot, you might just surprise yourself. Also if you feel so inclined to do so the Gamebattles premium account helps to keep the site running and the basic tournaments free.


Source: MLG.com