30 Years of Halo

Yes you read that correctly. 30 YEARS OF HALO. At least this is what 343i’s Studio Head Bonnie Ross wants to see. She noted in a recent quote to Gamespot that:

“I wanted to make sure we were able to go another three decades.”

Gamespot did confirm that she meant this in relation to 343i and the Halo Franchise itself. This is very much in line with what Microsoft has wanted to pursue since taking over and creating Halo 4. Instead of a trilogy, the are dubbing it as the Reclaimer Saga. Ross also noted that she and the studio want to get away from the numbered releases and do more spin-off series, which I would imagine would be something similar to ODST.

This is very interesting as it seems that 343 is diving as far away from core Halo into a new interpretation. I for one would love to see more and more Halo, but I personally do not think that the franchise can stay relevant in it’s current identity crisis. It’s clear to me that 343i is going to continue on with their interpretation of Halo and the long time fans who may enjoy the classic experience are left behind.

I myself as a fan knew one day that the Halo series would end. This would have ultimately been a sad day, but I always envisioned it going out with a bang with one of the best games to date. I myself will leave all final judgments until I actually play the beta and experience it first hand. However, from what I have seen I am not all too enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong here, the visuals are stunning, and things seem to flow really well. It’s the mechanics and gameplay that I’m concerned about.

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