As some of you may be aware, OpTic Gaming is one of the premier CoD eSports organization teams in MLG. Currently their squad is coached by Halo Pro Flamesword aka OpTic Beard. Yesterday it was announced that Flamesword will be competing in Halo again. He hinted possibly putting together a team for the Iron Gaming finals at RTX.

However him and his squad, which is still TBD, will no longer compete under the Status Quo name. They will be competing as OpTic Halo. This is a huge crossover as OpTic currently has 514k followers on Twitter alone, and some of the biggest names in the MLG eSports community. What this means for the future of Halo and competitive Halo is yet to be determined.

What I would like to see is MLG pick up whatever iteration of Halo that is released and see it back on the circuit. If it is Halo 2 Anniversary then we could see the return of some legacy Halo 2 MLG squads. All speculation at this point however.

Here’s the full video by OpTic Beard himself: