Sweet Succulent Nuggets of Speculation!

Some of you may or may have not seen this, but I figured I would bring it to your attention. Yesterday Bonnie Ross (@PlutonForEver) tweeted the following picture.

Pretty normal day at the 343i office right? Look a little closer to Neighbor; second to the last guy. Does that look like something familiar?


So the 343i staff is playing an internal tournament and this is the “Gold tier finals”, on the Xbox One. It was not mentioned what game they were playing, but they didn’t mention any current gen titles in the tweet. This leads most of us to believe that this was a testing session for the next Halo game. The way the picture was taken leads me to believe that this is a project not yet released.

Does this mean we might see a alpha or a beta program rolling out soon? I for one sure hope so. Let me know what you think in the comments below.