Pre-Order The Master Chief Collection, While Donating to Charity!

Some of you may or may not know about this awesome initiative by, but I think it’s amazing. Amazon has a separate sub domain created listed as


1383088192000-AmazonSmileWhat Amazon will do for you is by logging into your Amazon account and shopping through, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to a charity of your choosing! What better way to give to a charity of your choosing than by doing your regular shopping on Amazon. There are thousands of items that are eligible for a smile donation and you aren’t charged for it in the price of the item. Also if you are a prime customer, you still receive all the prime benefits with your purchases.




This is the smile donation link to pre-order The Master Chief Collection. I posted the link in it’s entirety to show that it’s not an affiliate link, and I DO NOT GAIN ANYTHING from you pre-ordering from this link. The only people that gain are yourself and the charity you choose to support!


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