Thank you 343i.

What a week thus far. On Monday we Halo fans got way more than we had ever hoped. In this particular post you wont find any news, however a more personal story


I just want to say…


THANK YOU 343i!!!


You guys labored for hours and hours and displayed your finished work with Halo 4, and the community trashed on it. I was most certainly one of them, and on behalf of the community I apologize. As you are well aware, when you love something; such as Halo, you’re very passionate about it and what happens to it. After Monday I must say that this new labor of love you have presented to us is beyond anything I could have imagined.

This is not simply an HD remake or reboot. This is a celebration of a time where Halo ruled the online gaming kingdom. This is a time where many people, including myself, stayed up way too late to get in those last few games of Team Slayer to try to rank up. This is a time where nostalgia kicks in and I am able to (horrifically) attempt to BXR someone close quarters on Midship.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the MCC this year and relive so many classic memories. In 2008 I joined Buddy System Gaming after seeing them featured on Bnet. It was a fun place to meet new people and play with good gamers who wanted to win and played fairly and respectfully. During this time I met one of my best friends and we still game regularly today. You most likely know him as HaloFanForLife.  If it would not have been for this amazing series of games I would not have made it through college, and I wouldn’t have met some of the great people I know along the way.

I just want to say again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your work on this game and your decision to make this a reality. The impact of this is not yet known but can be wildly speculated. By this one short video and gameplay you have started the “hype train” in motion. By the short presentation at E3 you have restored the faith in many peoples eyes. You are the caretakers of Halo for the future and this token of appreciations for the fans means more than you can possibly imagine to us. If not everyone then for sure me.

Again thank you.