Reading Between the Lines

As most of you know, you’ve seen the Hunt The Truth trailer, if not I’ve included it below.

If you look very closely you can see several things written on the bullet as it travels along before finally reaching Master Chief’s visor. Reddit user /u/TuckingFypoz over at has broken down the video frame by frame to revel what’s written along the bullet.

01 - 2Ka3NMm

02 - snELFaD

03 - fMzKUrz

04 - 56433w7

05 - M3z3Yn8

06 - Ovf0sbZ

07 - 5DShfby

08 - esDKYEH

09 - fvUFPrL

10 - JMtmVLN

11 - zXE8o7o

As you can see; Traitor, Savior, Son, Abductee, Victim, Hero, Ally, Warrior, Soldier, Recruit, Orphan. As you can see it appears that Halo 5 or the Hunt The Truth series is going to go through Master Chief’s beginnings, and potentially labeling him as a traitor. More to come.

Full gallery