343i “ODST HD Was Never Planned”

With the release of the Master Chief Collection brought on unsuspecting issues with Microsoft servers and the game stability itself. From finding matches, staying connected, and staying with people in your party the issues were varied. As compensation 343 Industries announced that they would be releasing ODST HD to those who played the game from launch to Dec 19th 2014. However this was never in the pipeline.

Bonnie Ross, head of 343i in a recent Gamer Girls Gone Wild Podcast stated “We did not plan on putting ODST out. I mean, I love ODST. But we did not plan on putting it out. We were pretty deliberate on Master Chief’s journey leading up to Halo 5 as being The Master Chief Collection.” When asked why they did it she responded “It’s what fans wanted.”

She then went on to say “Obviously when we had the stumble, I think when we looked at what people were asking for, before the stumble and after, what they would love have,” she said. “ODST was on the top of the list. So that’s why we did it. But we had no plans to do it prior to that.”

In addition to this Microsoft has already given players a free month of XBL Gold and are also releasing the remastered map, Relic available for free with this package.

I think this is a great compensatory package for the issues that have plagued MCC since the start. It is going to be awesome to play through ODST as a part of the saga in remastered 1080p HD at 60fps. I’m really hoping that down the road they will sell this as DLC for those who have not yet purchased the collection.